Selected Publications

Keshvari Fard, M., Ljubic, I. and Papier, F., 2022. Budgeting in International Humanitarian Organizations. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management24(3), pp.1562-1577. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M., Eftekhar, M. and Papier, F., 2019. An Approach for Managing Operating Assets for Humanitarian Development Programs. Production and Operations Management, 28(8), pp.2132-2151. [Link] [Preprint]

Other Publications and Working Papers

Keshvari Fard, M., Liu, J., Petropoulos, F., 2024. Decoding Digital Philanthropy: Analyzing Donors’ Choices in Cryptocurrency Donations. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M., Liu, J., 2024. Cryptocurrency Philanthropy. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M., Jena, S. D., Charlin, L., 2024. Non-Parametric Assortment Optimization with Product-oriented Market Segmentation. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M. and Papier, F., 2023. Collaboration in Humanitarian Operations in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, In: Merkert, R., Hoberg, K. (eds) Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies for the 2020s. Springer, Cham. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M. and Alfandari, L., 2019. Trade-offs between the Stepwise Cost Function and its Linear Approximation for the Modular Hub Location Problem. Computers and Operations Research, 104, pp.358-374. [Link] [Preprint]

Keshvari Fard, M. and Akbari, M.R., 2013. A Hybrid Tabu Search Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery and Maximum Tour Time Length. African Journal of Business Management, 7.11, pp.801-810. [Link]